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Helping our customers achieve the best boating experience, with confidence, safety and reliability, by quickly delivering professional, cost efficient and innovative marine service solutions. Train our customers so they can optimize, leverage and maintain all marine equipment and systems with confidence.

We love to train and educate our customers

Marine systems are complicated. We are experts at simplifying and clarifying so you can optimize, leverage and maintain all your marine equipment and systems with confidence and safety.

About Zachary Zisser

Zachary is a mechanical engineer by education and a prototyping engineer by experience.  He is an expert in repairing, replacing, modifying and upgrading all types of electrical, electronic and audio/visual marine systems.  Zachary loves to problem solve the most complicated issues, always look for the best, most reliable and cost effective solution.  As a trained engineer Zachary is a master at systematic troubleshooting with a deep understanding on how marine systems work, function and fail.

Zachary has a passion for education and training both for himself and his customers.  Zachary is always studying, researching and learning the most state-of-the-art technologies, systems and solutions.  He loves to share this information with his customers to ensure they have the knowledge necessary to maintain and understand their own vessels with confidence, safety and fun.

Zachary has a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California at Merced.  He developed his skills in flow mechanics, computer aided design, electronics prototyping using micro-controllers, fabrication in both wood and metal and lab based research with Hydrogen based fuel cells.

He has successfully serviced all types of power and sail vessels from 24 feet up to 180 feet throughout Southern California and Mexico.  His focus is to do the work right the first time and achieve the most reliable and safest results.  Like most boaters, Zachary is always happy to spend time on the water, whether boating with one of his friends, customers or spending time on his family’s 37’ Axopar or 57’McKenna.

Zachary Zisser

Lead Marine Electrician / Owner
Zisser Marine Service

Special Marine Certifications:

Member of American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC)

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